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Why Humint?

The answer is: to make your practice more profitable, by having the right information in the right format at the right time

"Everything is happening online and you're not? - the future is already here!" Terence Faul

The fact that Humint O is an online system realises a number of benefits, such as easy installation, updates, support, running multiple locations and more.  Since medical aids make up such a big part of optometry’s turnover, accounts switching is vital. To this end,
Humint O has the link with Mediswitch and can verify patient benefits in real-time.

A non-negotiable for any successful business is to have the right information in the right format at the right time. Once this happens it becomes easy for the non-accountant owner of a business to take charge of the financial direction of the business. A common reality in optometric business is the fact that there is often a lack of cohesion between the accounting function and the owner/optometrist.  Humint O has an integrated accounting function. No need for additional journal entries at month-end to produce management accounts. T he Humint team can take care of the bookkeeping functions and present you with fresh management accounts, which will  allow you to keep your finger on the pulse of your business.  Financial  management cannot be easier.

Odoo is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system on which Humint O is built. It is globally renowned and offers multiple benefits and great versatility for small and medium-sized businesses. For example, the Humint O package includes a practice website. The Odoo operating system lends itself to the integration with all the social platforms. Digital marketing is happening right now, and those who have woken up to the fact are getting a massive head start. If you are not thinking about digital marketing, you are falling behind rapidly. Digital marketing is a very specialised field and does not end with having pretty pictures on a web site.

Humint offers an online clinical record-keeping system. Once the optometrist has entered the Rx, it gets passed along the line, which eliminates mistakes. Moreover, it enforces good record keeping by the clinician and you will never lose a patient card again.