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What is the true value of your software?


I have been involved with optometric management software for a few decades, with the development of the Total Optometric Management System (TOMS). It always amazes me how practice management software tends to be considered as just another expense, like a lease on a copier or a phone bill. Yet, it adds so much value to the functioning of the practice. Have you ever thought, if it were possible that somebody stole your practice software, how much will you pay to get it back? The realization of its worth will take on another perspective as soon as you try to cope without it. American research has shown that one of the top considerations for deciding on a software package is a backup service. However, backup service requires human resources which costs money. It is unrealistic to expect excellent backup service whilst demanding a rock-bottom fee for the software.  Another way of looking at it is to compare the value your top employee brings to the party compared to what your software package brings. I say, your software should at least have the same monthly value as your top employee’s salary.

Let me dig a bit deeper to justify the added value of Humint O software. 

As an online system, there is no need for expensive servers and network cables. It works on any appliance with a browser. The software is hosted in the Cloud. Backups are done automatically on your behalf every hour.

Humint O has an integrated accounting module that saves the cost of paying for an accounting package such as Pastel. This saves hours of capturing invoices.

Financial reports will red-flag issues that can affect the net profit. These problems can be addressed immediately before becoming chronic leaks over time eroding the net profit.

Overall financial management, with the Mini Income Statement, becomes a breeze that will maximise profits.

The MediSwitch module allows real-time medical aid claims, which does wonders for cash flow, plus eliminates the need for staff to sit on the phone to get a confirmation. 

The paperless online patient records save time and money because it eliminates the re-writing of data in the dispensing, orders, and lab departments. Once the optometrist or dispenser has entered the RX and instructions, it just travels down the line. No more mistakes with re-capturing. Finding a patient record becomes instant. No more manually pulling patient records and then again filing them. No more cabinets taking up space required for paper records.

Job tracking is another amazing plus. Do away with space-hogging trays and replace them with a digital KanBan view of jobs at every stage. Drag and drop jobs as they move through the production process while automating patient communication through the process by SMS and email. A big saving of labour hours.

Multiple locations – Humint can operate multiple branches from the same instance, making it ideal for a multi-practice owner. Login in once and have access to all your practices from the same interface.

Stock control – an advanced inventory module allows for barcoded stock takes. Multi-practice instances can take advantage of shared stock databases allowing for easy interbranch transfers without the need for re-barcoding. Shared stock databases also allow for cross-branch inventory management.

Humint O has got a highly sophisticated CRM module. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a strategy to manage interactions with customers and potential customers. CRM helps to streamline processes, build customer relationships, increase sales, improve customer service, and increase profitability. This alone is worth more than what your monthly fee for Humint O will be.

Humint will have a profound effect on your human resource requirement. It allows one to redeploy personnel and improve service levels.

It is clear, that introducing Humint O will have a huge impact on your human resource requirement, financial security, increasing turnover, cutting expenses, eliminating costly mistakes, and improving profitability. Humint O will add more Rand value than any other piece of equipment in your practice and probably more than what you pay your top employee. One patient per month will pay for it or put differently, you can have it for less than R100 per day.