Release Update - 27 August 2023

New and Improved

Nothing new this update...


  • Improved Patient Sequence Handling: We've made significant adjustments to the way patient sequences work. Instead of relying on an automated action that could cause problems when a user makes changes, we've now hardcoded the account number and patient number sequence.

  • Corrected Family Info on Examinations: We've resolved an issue where the family information displayed on examinations was incorrect when the original patient was changed. 

  • Enhanced Waiting Bills Filter: In the "Purchased" section, we've fixed the waiting bills filter to display only purchase orders that do not have an attached invoice. 

  • Refined Vendor Payment Filter: To improve payment tracking, we've refined the vendor payment filter on the "Payments". Now, only vendor payments are displayed, making it easier for users to monitor vendor transactions.

  • Optimized Date Filters: We've made changes to the date filters throughout the application. Most date filters will now sort entries from the most recent to the oldest.

  • Submit Claim Button Visibility: We've adjusted the visibility of the "Submit Claim" button. Users can now only submit a claim if the payment terms are set to "Medical Aid to Pay." This change promotes adherence to payment terms and reduces errors during the claims submission process.