Release Update - 26 February 2023

New and Improved

What we added:

  • The account lock date function has been finalized, when you now select the Lock to Date function, it stops ALL users from invoicing out before that date.
  • (BETA) We have added the function to create products automatically on the system, everything currently works, except it generates new barcodes instead of using the SAOA as the barcode and internal reference
  • Added 4 new links under contact that redirects you to specific Medical Aid sites to submit claims
  • Added the function where the Vendor Reference show on the partner activity statement
  • When creating a Vendor Bill, the cost prices now reflect the last cost price that has been receipted (Please note, it takes the price from the Vendor Pricelist under the Product)
  • Updated the PPN Crosswalk


  • When going to Industry Price lists, Under System Price list, if you search for a price list it would give you an error
  • The error that occurred when adding a job to the queue, when the same user started the exam and invoiced it.
  • Fixed the error for some servers that wouldn't upgrade
  • Fixed the missing link between invoices and patients
  • Made payments on sessions reflect from newest to oldest
  • Fixed the errors that occurred when marking old exams done
  • Removed the function to delete examinations