Release Update - 22 September 2022

New and Improved

What we added:

  • You can now see the last scanned item in stock take because it gets highlighted and moves to the top

  • You can now view the amount outstanding on the patient details – Humint O - Lite

  • The Payment Journal name has been added next to the payment approved on an invoice.

The Following reports have been added:

  • Stock History

  • Stock by Supplier

  • Stock by Supplier Listing


  • We fixed the problem when printing an invoice/job card, it does not add any CSS to the pdf.

  • There was an error in regards with SMS reminders, we fixed the templates.

  • Fixed the temporary issue where no one could take payments

  • The last exam date changed when there was an exam that occurred. Last exam date will only change if there is an invoice line that contain 11001 on the exam

  • Fixed where connection timed out when trying to change cost price 

  • Fix where the "Run comparison" Button inside Stock take would time out and not complete

  • Made the Recall SMS’s that been sent out visible to the users under SMS > SMS History > Outbound

  • Added the reference number to the Invoice Form view.