Release Update - 13 August 2023

New and Improved

What we added:

  • We've introduced an additional automated function: Upon the creation of a new customer, their information will seamlessly integrate into an email marketing list within your system. This enables the potential to efficiently reach out to all your patients collectively. In the event that they opt out of this list, they will abstain from receiving any future promotional emails from your practice, unless a fresh mailing list is generated.


  • We've revised the code within our Humint module to conform to the dd/mm/yyyy format, ensuring improved uniformity and consistency.
  • We've incorporated a "Last Month/This Month filter" option into the Invoices section. This empowers you to easily contrast your invoices between the previous month and the current month for comparative analysis.
  • The warning regarding Invoicing has been updated to permit negative stock levels for your convenience. Please be aware that the warning message itself has been revised as well, indicating that you'll be required to manually confirm the delivery order upon product receipt.
  • Furthermore, adjustments have been implemented to the Reconciliation model. Notably, the ability to create a patient from this view has been disabled due to the identification of various arising issues stemming from this functionality.